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Getting ready to travel along the beaches, undertake an internship or live in Brazil? In any of those cases, learning Portuguese will be important and interesting to help you interact with the people around you. When making contacts, both for leisure, for study and for work, knowledge of the country’s language and culture is fundamental.
With this in mind, *Instituto Poliglota* has developed a Portuguese course for foreigners using a communicative / intercultural approach including the most modern audio-visual and interactive techniques as well as practical and field classes. Whether in individual classes or in small groups, all the content studied is directed to the students’ interests and needs.

Group classes

The Portuguese courses for foreigners can be taken either in groups or in private classes. The groups are limited to 4 students and usually begin every 1st Monday of the month. Depending on the weekly class hours desired, the following options are offered:

MON/WED/FRI 4,5 R$ 840,00
MON to FRI 7,5 R$ 1.270,00
MON to FRI 15 R$ 2.090,00


If you are not a beginner, in order to enroll in a course a placement test must be taken. The schedule will be agreed upon between the students and the school.

Private classes

If you do not fit in a group, you may opt for individual classes. Private classes offer several advantages. The teacher works in according to the students’ needs and follows his/her own rhythm of learning. The student can express his desires and may help mold his/her own course. The days and schedule are agreed upon between the student and the teacher. If the student cannot attend a class for some reason, the class will not be lost, should he inform this 24hs in advance,.

The student must elaborate a 4 week program, defining the weekly amount of class hours, days and schedules and then enroll at the institute. The cost of each class hour for Portuguese is R$ 110,00.

Course reservation from abroad

To make the reservation of his/her course from abroad, the student must make his/her registration at least two weeks before the beginning of the course, by transferring 50% of the cost of the course through Western Union in our director’s name; Maria Elizabeth Pereira de Arruda.

Send an e-mail with, “course reservation” as subject, containing your personal data (name, address, telephone and passport number), course data (starting date, weekly class hours and schedule preferences) and the Western Union transfer code. The payment corresponding to the first 4 weeks should be made at the beginning of the classes.

Outings and Field Trips

Both group students and private students are invited to participate in outings where the content studied in the classroom is put into practice and the student gets to know a little more of our city and our culture.

Some examples of outings are:

The Historical Center of Fortaleza: Where the commercial and historical center is visited, as well as the squares, the Museum of Ceará and a traditional snack bar.

The “Cachaça” Museum: Where the museum located in Maranguape is visited and we tour along the Ypióca farm and city.

Travel agency: Where a practical class in a travel agency is had, offering ecological tourism and information on the famous sights of Ceará.

Restaurant: a typical restaurant is chosen for lunch or for dinner where the student has a practical class and is encouraged to taste regional

The outings can be programmed according to the students’ interest and needs.

Accommodation with a family

We offer rooms with bathrooms in private homes, which is a good opportunity to live the day-to-day of a Brazilian family, to get to know a little more of our culture and to practice the language. The families are chosen among the employees and students of the Institute. These are people interested in different cultures and willing to show the city and to offer support to their guests. The rent of the room includes
bedding and towels, as well as access to the kitchen.

Rent (up to 4 weeks) – R$ 1.000,00

* Visitors are not allowed.


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